Sunday, November 21, 2010

Review: The Still of Night

The Still of Night (A Rush of Wings Series #2)

I enjoyed the first book in this series, A Rush of Wings, so I ordered the second from the library.  The Still of Night is about a couple who were high school sweethearts.  She got pregnant and led him to believe she had aborted the baby; instead she put the baby up for adoption.  As a result, he has become a professional "fixer"--he goes into companies with basically good prospects and fixes the management problems that are keeping them from being profitable.  He is wealthy, and has all the toys that go with wealth, but has also been known to render substantial aid to those who need it.  Still, he keeps trying to chase the demons away with alcohol.  She is a special ed teacher in their hometown.  She is dating a nice guy, but when he asks her to move in with him, she drops him, she says because their life views and faith are so different, but that's not all--she is afraid to give of that part of herself.  Both are living, but not living life fully.

One day she gets a cal from her baby's (now a teen) adopted mother.  Their daughter needs a bone marrow transplant from a relative. His and her lives now intersect again.  Can they get past the pain?  

This is a Christian romance and one of those where one of the characters has to accept Jesus before they can live happily ever after.  It is definitely one of those that hits you over the head with the faith elements, but the basic story line is a good one and the characters seem real.  I enjoyed the book.  Grade:  B

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