Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sisters, Ink

Sisters, Ink (Scrapbooker's Series #1)

About the Book:  In this first novel of the series, readers are introduced to Tandy, Meg, Kendra, and Joy - four racially diverse women adopted into the Sinclair family at various ages and raised by a preacher daddy and a scrapbooking momma. This story focuses on Tandy, the Irish-American who is headstrong, stubborn, fiercely loyal, and about to undergo a geographical transformation. Tandy is the only sister living apart from the Sinclair family. Her position at a law firm in Orlando is threatened, though, when she upsets a high profile client. To endure her forced three-week leave-of-absence, Tandy heads home to Stars Hill, Tennessee, to reunite with the sisters and scrap in Momma's scrapping studio. But sleepy Stars Hill has changed in the three years since her last visit and Tandy comes face to face with a man who loved her and left her once before. Should she dare to love him again? And, even if she did, how can they be together when her life is in Orlando?

My Comments: When you read books in a series out of order, you already have some idea of the outcome, though I can't say I would have been surprised even if I had never read the later books.  The scrap booking angle is cute and gives the sisters an excuse to get together and talk.  The book is marketed as Christian fiction but if you like "group of women" novels like Debbie Macomber's Yarn Shop books you'll probably like this one.  In this case Christian means that the characters attend church, Daddy is a minister (but we never hear him preach), the characters drink ice tea at a jazz club and Daddy asks Tandy if she is attending church.  In short, it is a light romantic woman-focused book.   I have one more book to read in this series, and I'll be looking for it--I got this one from Bookmooch.  Grade:  B.

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