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Review: Plain Proposal

Plain Proposal (A Daughters of the Promise Novel)

About the Book:
Miriam Raber takes a bold stand when her Amish boyfriend considers leaving their community. "Whatever he chooses, I'm going with him."

Miriam Raber enjoys life in her Old Order Amish community, and she is hopeful that Saul Fisher will propose to her soon. But when Saul starts talking about leaving the only world either of them has ever known, Miriam imagines what her life might look like as an Englischer. One thing she knows for certain, she loves Saul and feels he's the one God has chosen for her. But Saul's indecision has come at an inconvenient time as Miriam is noticing advances from Jesse Dienner, a man she went to school with, who is committed to marry and live his life in the Old Order community.

Complicating matters is the arrival of Miriam's cousin, a worldly Englisch girl sent to live with Miriam's family following trouble back home.

Who will Miriam choose a life with, and who will choose to stay in the Old Order Amish community?

My Comments:
The summary above makes it sound like Miriam's romance in the focus of this book; yet in many ways it is not.  Beth Wiseman also explores the relationship between Miriam and her family, between Miriam and her cousin and between Saul and his family.  As Amish fiction goes, it is a bit on the religious side and features one of the characters finding God in her life, but I wouldn't call it a preachy book.  I question how realistic it is, but since I've never met any real Amish, I'll leave it at wondering.  

It is clearly a book about the Amish yet I think a lot of young people struggle with deciding how much they are willing to change for a potential spouse--and how much it is reasonable for a potential spouse to change for them.  

I enjoyed this book and think if you like Amish fiction, you'll like this one too.  Thanks to Thomas Nelson Publishers for providing a review copy via NetGalley.  I was not obligated to write any review, much less a positive one.  Grade:  B.

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