Saturday, May 21, 2011

Congratulations to the Class of 2011

The Proud Graduate

Many years ago I carried a five year old to kindergarten at our neighborhood public school.  He couldn't let go of me and had to be carried into the school cafeteria.  The routine at that school was that all kindergarten students (and parents if they wanted to come, and most did) reported to the cafeteria.  The principal came in and made a short speech welcoming us.  Then she called the teachers in and introduced them.  Next she called the names of all the kids in the first class and told them to line up by their teacher.  After all the names were called, she told the kids to wave goodbye to Mom and the teacher led her class out.  Then she went on to the next class.  Everyone did as they were told but one little boy who didn't want to leave his mom.  Against my better judgment I allowed them to carry him off kicking and screaming.  Things didn't get better at that school but a few weeks later we were at a new public school and that little boy's mom stepped up as his advocate and insisted that Grandma be allowed to go  with him for a couple of days.  

Things were much better at the other school and he was happy and successful there through fifth grade. I worked hard on homework and on keeping things going well with the teachers.    From  there he headed to a wonderful Catholic school that accepted him for who he was and taught him a lot academically.  Unfortunately  the move to Catholic high school did not go well, he went from knowing he could do schoolwork if he worked hard enough to knowing he couldn't.  My suggestions on how to reach him or  modify the program were met with "he doesn't need that".  He was teased, and while the school did intervene, it made him even less fond of the school.  Finally, after two horrible years, after we had made the decision not to return, he was asked not to return for behavioral reasons.  

With his sisters
We put him in our neighborhood public high school and for all the less than wonderful things I've heard about Bonnabel High School, I have to say, I was pleased.  He got the help he needed and today he graduated, with a regular high school diploma, after two years of making more B's than C's.  To say I'm proud doesn't begin  to express how I feel today. 

The proud parents at graduation
She takes cute pictures, doesn't she?
Bored little sister waiting for graduation to begin

Grandpa waits for graduation; Lizzy studies so she can graduate on schedule


  1. Wow rally great pictures! Thanks for sharing those! Your youngest is adorable and with that funny face she is making looks just like her dad, not to say he looks funny, LOL - just sayin!
    All this brings back memories, my daughter graduated HS in 2006. She is now Grad from college and has a great job and is living on her own! Wow!

  2. Congratulations to your son and the other graduates! Loved the pictures you shared. :)

  3. Congrats to you and your son!! And good for you for moving him to a different school when you needed to! He will always remember you were there for him. Love the pictures! God bless!

  4. Congrats to your son and to YOU, Ruth! :)

  5. Congrats to you and Jay. I know you worked hard right along side him many times.

  6. Congratulations Ruth! What a journey. I wish Jay the best in whatever he sets out to do in the future.

  7. Thanks for all the congrats. The future is scary, but we'll make it...


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