Monday, June 13, 2011

Children's Book Review: I'd Choose You

I'd Choose You

About the Book:
Everyone knows what it's like to have a bad day. And when Norbert comes home from school, he has had a really bad day. As he and his mother talk through the day's mishaps, she gently imparts The Blessing on him through spoken word, meaningful touch, attachment of high value, portraying a special future, and genuine commitment.
By the end of the book, Norbert knows he is loved, and that even if he wasn't the first pick for the team, he will always be chosen by his parents . . . and by God.

My Comments:
This was cute and was something my little one could look at on my Kindle.  While that was a novelty, I think she prefers color pictures, which the Kindle doesn't have, even though the book does.  

Norbert comes home after a horrible day and tells his mother all the things that went wrong.  She then proceeds to tell him that if she could only do _____ for one child, guess which one it would be.  For each thing she says, Norbert guesses the logical child, but Mom always picks him.  You know us moms, we are crazy about our kids.  Norbert's parents also remind him that God chooses him.  

In short, a cute story with an important message.  Grade:  B.

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