Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Review: Soldier on Her Doorstep

Soldier on Her Doorstep (Harlequin Romance)

About the Book:
Soldier Alex Dane promised his dying comrade he'd make sure his wife and daughter were okay, and so he finds himself on a doorstep with his heart in his mouth.

Lisa Kennedy loved her husband, but she must focus on her daughter, Lilly, who hasn't spoken since her daddy's death. Still, the least she can do is offer this battle-weary hero a place to rest.

When Lilly's little hand reaches for Alex's big, strong one, for the first time Lisa feels her buried emotions begin to stir.…

My Comments:
You see the cover, you read the blurb above, is there really anything else I need to say?  I mean this book is what it is, but for the genre, I'd say it is well written with characters as developed as they are going to get, given the format.  

Physically Alex is the strong one, and you'd think that the book would be about him helping her to heal, but in reality, he is the one who needs the most healing and I enjoyed seeing him blossom with love.  I loved the way  people gave her permission to move on with her life, and how she was able to do that  without losing the love she had for her husband.

While the book mentions that they made love, we don't watch anything more intimate than kissing.   

Grade:  B- (pretty much the best I give this type of book)

Thanks to the publisher for providing a review copy of this book via NetGalley.

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