Sunday, July 03, 2011

Home at Blackberry Hill: My Review

Home at Blackberry Hill (Harlequin Heartwarming)

About the Book:
Much more than she bargained for…

All Abby Cahill wanted was a quiet summer job in the beautiful Wisconsin woods. But the hospital where she’s filling in turns out to be overcrowded, understaffed and decidedly stretched for cash. And as if she didn’t have enough on her hands, the only vacancy in town for a “single woman with mutt” is at the farmhouse of wildlife biologist Ethan Matthews, whose son is with him for the season, along with several newborn puppies.

Ethan is a handsome, solitary man who seems to need Abby as much as she needs him. But she shouldn’t be
needing him or anyone else—at the end of August she’s got to go back to her job in the city teaching nursing.
This is just a temporary arrangement, which is starting to feel too comfortable, too much like home.

My Comments:
Yup, another Harlequin romance--NetGalley had a batch of them the last time I went through it and this one caught my eye because of the Wisconsin setting.  It turned out to be a good choice.  Beside the main romantic plot there were subplots involving some strange things happening at the hospital and some vandalism at Ethan's farm.  I also enjoyed watching the relationship between Ethan and his son.  The story was well-told and the author managed to avoid melodrama, which not all romance authors seem able to do.  

The book was squeaky clean--not even a hint of bedroom activity, but not a Christian novel.

Because of the subplots, I'll go against my grain and give this one a B, rather than a B-.  

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