Sunday, February 19, 2012

Amazon Freebie Review: The Millionaire's Nanny

About the Book:
Maggie Chisholm was determined to be the perfect nanny, and she gave her all to her six-year-old charge. But nothing in her training at Nanny School prepared her for the boy’s sexy father. Garrett Townsend was her employer for heaven’s sake and off-limits according to the Nanny Book of Unbreakable Rules. She could deal with any childhood crisis, but how could she maintain her professional distance when passion flared between them every time Garrett got too close?

Garrett was furious at the nanny agency for sending Maggie. The last thing he needed was a beautiful woman in his house. He’d mistakenly given his heart to one before, and he wasn’t going to let that happen again. But Christmas is coming and Maggie had already brought her warm, feminine touch into his home and Garrett found his willpower weakening…

My Comments:
He was expecting an older woman as a nanny; she was expecting a family with a baby.  Neither wanted to get involved.  Of course, she wasn't an older woman, and they did have feelings for each other.  It's a corny story with a predictable end but it was an Amazon freebie and I was in the mood for mind candy.  The writing isn't what you'd expect in a professionally published book but for a self-published freebie on Amazon it wasn't bad.  There are no intimate scenes.  Grade:  B-

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  1. This sounds light and fun. I just went and got it. :-) Thanks.


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