Sunday, February 12, 2012

Review: Bring Lent to Life

About the Book:
All too often the liturgical season that carries the Church from the dark days of winter to the new life of spring can be heavy and hard to share with your family. But in Bring Lent to Life, Kate Basi provides fresh ideas for growing your family's faith throughout Lent and into Easter. Each week, journey with your family through reflection-based activities that center on a Lenten theme. Then, bring these central aspects of our faith to life with creative activities that engage young and old: The Easter Tree craft activity grows and blooms as Easter approaches, filled with flowers and leaves created as part of your Lenten observance. 
Sunday Love Letters share the love of Christ with family members. Crafts, family outings, recipes, and other activities help reveal the meaning of Lent. Don't fall into a rut with your family's Lenten observance this year. Instead, Bring Lent to Life!

My Comments:
The most popular post I've ever written, one that gets hits year after year, one that makes my ratings spike every spring, is my post on Lenten Activities for Kids.  Obviously there are a lot of people trying to make Lent meaningful to their children.  Kathleen Basi's book gives a good framework for parents of young children.  

The book is divided into sections for each week and it includes reflections for both adults and kids.  It includes crafts, recipes and prayer activities.  For example, a family trip to the sacrament of reconciliation is recommended.  The Easter Tree activity gives a visual way of tracking progress.  Basi is smart enough to warn folks not to try to do everything in the book, that Lent lasts a long time and you don't want to burn out before it is over. I'll definitely add a few of her activities to those our family does.  

I'd like to thank Kathleen Basi for sending me a review copy of the book.  She is well aware that not all my reviews are positive, but I'll give this book a B+.  


  1. Thanks for taking the time to read it & review, especially the quick turnaround, Ruth

  2. Great review! Thanks!

  3. Makes me wish I had a Lenten do-over with my children, now all grown up. Time does fly, and the years of youth precious.


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