Thursday, October 24, 2013

Seven Quick Takes

Friday was the first weigh in for our office "Biggest Loser" competition.  They are rating on percent of body weight lost.  I lost a little over a pound and I'm in last place right now.  We'll see what happens tomorrow.

Saturday was my usual trip to my Dad's.  We were chatting with Father before mass and he asked about my youngest, who often accompanies me.  He also asked what grade she was in and when I told him she was in fourth grade, he said they'd have to let her serve Mass when she comes.  My Dad's pastor is probably the most people-oriented priest I've ever met.  The parish is probably close to a thousand families and he knows the names of most of the people who are regulars, and picks out visitors and says hi to them.  He's been there 20 years and is up for re-assignment soon,though he (and the parish) are hoping he'll be reassigned there.
The reason my daughter didn't go with me last week was because she was camping with her Girl Scout troop.  I didn't go, purposefully, to give her the opportunity to be independent.  I'd been the troop leader for the last four years and this year my girls bridged to an established troop with a long-term leader who loves that age group.  I've kept a low profile, both for her sake and for my daughter's sake (she's on the clingy side). They came back Sunday.
Monday I started physical therapy for my shoulder.  It's great fun, what can I say.  I  have to say I do have greater range of motion now than this time last week.  Hopefully it will not take six weeks to get this done.
I've been walking on the treadmill and reading every night this week.  Hopefully it will pay off when I get on the scale tomorrow.
Wednesday was Parents' Club at school.  I won two door prizes!
Tonight was Chuck-e-Cheese night for school.  I despise that place; food is mediocre at best, it's noisy and expensive.  When my big kids were little they used to have animated puppets that would come out hourly and sign camp-type songs.  I thought they were cute.  Now they have video screens showing kids trying to sing.  Oh well, I did my motherly duty and spent my money.
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  1. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Ugh, Chuck-e-Cheese...we're hoping to conceal the fact of its existence from our kids for as long as humanly possible. Dropping by via 7QT.

  2. I hope your shoulder feels better soon. I am not a fan of Chuck-E-Cheese either. Thankfully I've only had the misfortune of going there twice.


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