Thursday, October 31, 2013

Seven Quick Takes

Happy All Saints Day.  Happy Birthday to the New Orleans Saints!  Actually, All Saints Day is a pretty big deal in New Orleans; it is the day families visit the graveyards and clean them up and add fresh mums.

Now that Halloween is over, all the stores will be full of Christmas stuff.  If you are looking for a great Christmas book for a young child, I'm giving away one, and I'd love to have you enter.
My shoulder still hurts; PT does seem to be helping though.
So far, since my office Biggest Loser contest started, I've lost about 3 pounds.  I've had a bit of Halloween Candy tonight; hopefully it won't show on the scale tomorrow.
My husband had cute Halloween costume.  What do you think?  He said he wanted to be something scary.

Trick or Treat was cut short tonight because of rain.  At least there was no fight from the trick or treater.
Tomorrow is half a day of school followed by optional parent teacher conferences.  I've always been one of those moms who showed up religiously for those things.  This is the third time around and I'm probably not going to go, but will call the school and ask them to have the teacher call me.  Frankly, I don't want to stand in line to talk to the teacher for two minutes to have her tell me what I already know.  If there was a major problem, parent-teacher conference day isn't the day to deal with it.  Teachers always say that the parents they see on these days aren't the ones they need to see.  What do you think--do you attend parent teacher conference day?  If you are a teacher, how useful are these days to you?

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  1. #5 Even in Massachusetts, people have to 'reapply'. Obama cancelled Romney care. If you don't get Obama's plan we get taxedby the state as well. MA was already a highly insured state .

  2. #4: Just keep going! I actually started gaining a little weight when I changed my diet and added exercise. The long run is worth it!

    #5: Scary indeed.

  3. #7 - Yup -always showed up. Sort of a sign of respect.

    #5- pretty funny :)

  4. Your husband is too cute to be scary. I can't read what's on his T shirt.

    1. That's a printout of the front page of the Obamacare website

  5. Awesome Awesoem Awesome costume! It made me smile. Widely :)


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