Thursday, December 26, 2013

Island Promises: Review

Island Promises: Hawaiian Holiday\Hawaiian Reunion\Hawaiian Retreat (Harlequin Anthologies)

About the Book:

Megan McNeil is genuinely happy to escort her little girls to their father's wedding in Kauai, Hawaii—even though she feels like a third wheel. One gorgeous groomsman definitely disagrees. But are they both carrying too much baggage to begin a new romance?


Devlin Marshall won't let anything spoil his buddy's big day—not even his own rocky marriage. Secrets and mistrust have divided him from his Amy, but the love in the air seems to be catching….


Family comes first. Deep down, Gabi Foster knows it, but this holiday is hurting her career. Can a sweet, sexy surfing instructor convince her that love is worth more than a business deal?

My Comments:
RaeAnne Thayne is one of those authors whose books I grab when they show up on NetGalley, so this one went on my reading list.  It is a pretty typical Harlequin anthology--three short romances connected by setting and a couple of characters.  Everyone is in Hawaii for a wedding.  Devlin and Amy manage to rekindle their romance and the other couples meet and fall in love.  The first two stories are squeaky clean, but the third is not, though it isn't terribly graphic. I liked the first story best of the three.  I was looking for a quick mindless read when I picked this one up and I got it.  Grade:  B-.  Thanks to the publisher for making a review copy available via NetGalley.   

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