Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Biblezon Tablet

Biblezon is a digital tablet for Catholics, which provides a platform where Catholics can learn, live & practice their faith daily without distractions.

The tablet comes preloaded with many catholic resources (bible, catechism, encyclopedia, study plans, prayers, daily readings, saint of the day, rosary, divine mercy and many more). The purpose of the tablet is to create a pathway to holiness by providing a platform where Catholics can live and practice their faith daily. No distractions from worldly things.

My Comments:
I won this tablet as part of the Mega Advent Giveaway on Pete Socks' Catholic Book Blogger Blog. While I am a Catholic who reviews books, including Catholic books, Pete reviews Catholic books and does author interviews and other cool stuff.  Anyway, in addition to a huge pile of books I won this tablet, which I have to say is exactly what the producers say it is.  It is a pre-loaded Android tablet that refuses to connect to Google Play and refuses to connect to Facebook through the Facebook app.  In short, it is a digital prayer book, Bible and Catechism.  It has the iBreviary app if you want to pray the Liturgy of the Hours.  It has the daily Mass readings front and center, and each day shows more saints than I ever knew existed.  There is a copy of the New American Bible (revised edition) and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  There is even a facebook-type app where you can request prayers and other can "Amen" them.  I guess it comes in different colors because mine is hot pink.  

When I first learned that I had won this tablet, the first thought that came to my mind was a $59.00 tablet I purchased a year ago on Black Friday.  It is an Android tablet and S-L-O-W.  I bought it to give as a gift to the teen whose name I pulled from the Giving Tree.  Then I read the reviews and thought maybe I should make sure it worked.  I didn't give it away because it was so slow and finicky.  I keep it around for the Barnes & Noble app; otherwise I use the Kindle Fire I got on sale after Christmas.  I was pleasantly surprised when I played around with the Biblezon Tablet and found it to be responsive and as fast as my Kindle Fire.  If you want what is basically an electronic prayer book with a limited religious library, I think you'll be very pleased with the Biblezon.  It works well, is attractive and is lighter than my Kindle Fire.  

On the other hand, I don't particularly want a single-use device.  I have most of the Biblezon apps on my Kindle Fire, along with music that I listen to at adoration and my toys.  I'm a big girl and can leave the toys turned off when appropriate.  Given that, I started trying to figure out how to jailbreak the device.  I read a couple of articles about rooting Android devices but couldn't figure out how to do it.  However, I kept poking around on the tablet and found that while it blocked the Google Play store, I was able to download some non-prayer apps from, including the Chrome browser from the MoboMarket.  With Chrome, I was able to access my email and Facebook.  It took me about two hours to figure out how to do that; I suspect the average teenager would have just rooted the tablet and had it over with, or would have figured out how to do what I did in about half the time.

I'd like to thank Biblzon for providing the complimentary tablet.  As I said, it does exactly what it says it will do and does it well, so I'll give it an A, even though I "fixed" it to make it better meet my wants.


  1. How did you fix it? Is it a "nice" tablet or would it be better to just buy a Kindle Fire or a Samsung tablet?

    1. If you want a tablet, then buy a Kindle Fire or Samsung. The Biblezon is $99; you can get several Fires for less than that. If you want an electronic prayer book then buy the Biblezon. However all the apps on the Biblezon can be downloaded onto the Fire or other tablet.

      I "fixed" it by going to mobomarket and downloading Chrome and a couple of other apps. It wouldn't run facebook but I could go to facebook on the web.

    2. Here are the benefits of the biblezon tablet;
      1. It is secure, safe and holy.
      2. No distractions
      3. It can be blessed by a priest
      4. Has a prayer community
      5. It has catholic games, activities, quizzes and many other fun activities.

      Its not about the tablet. Its about inspiring, evangelizing and educating Catholics

    3. This is a great tablet when it works. I purchased one for my daughter. After a few months it stopped charging. I spoke with their "Customer Happiness Team" who gave me directions on returning it under warranty. So I forked out shipping and sent the whole thing back as directed. After dozens of attempts to contact by phone and email (received one reply back saying they would send it out & they didn't) we still have no tablet or refund a full year after sending it in under warranty. Consider the purchase an expensive rental.


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