Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Review: Love Gently Falling

About the Book:
Rita Jansen is living her dream as a hairstylist in Hollywood when her father calls with news that her mother has suffered a stroke. When she gets home to Chicago, Rita finds her mother is healing but facing a long recovery. Worse, without being able to run their family-owned salon, her mother could lose the business. Rita decides to help, but she only has until Valentine's Day to come up with a plan. 
As Rita takes her mother's place at work, the nearby skating rink she loved as a child brings back fond memories. Rita also finds herself renewing friendships with her childhood best friend, Marley, as well as her classmate Johnny. Although they now lead such seemingly different lives, Rita is surprised by how well she and Johnny connect anda how far he will go to help her. Though Rita believes Johnny is only being kind, with romance kindling in the air and on the ice, their friendship may just fall into something more. 

My Comments:
This is a sweet romance set near Valentine's Day.  Rita and Johnny have known each other all their lives, but romance with Johnny has never crossed Rita's mind.  Rita wanted to step out on her own.  She turned down college in favor of beauty school and has had a successful career in Beverly Hills--even if her personal life has left something to be desired.  

One thing I found interesting was that Rita was sensitive about people (particularly men) looking down on her because she was "only" a hairdresser; yet her outlook on Johnny changed when she realized he wasn't "only" a janitor.  

The book is published by Center Street, which is an inspirational imprint of Hatchette book group.  Prayer is mentioned a few time and the book is squeaky clean but I wouldn't call it religious.  It is a short, sweet, almost simplistic story that left me smiling.  Grade: B-

I'd like to thank the publisher for providing a review copy.  I was not obligated to provide a positive review.

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