Saturday, January 17, 2015

Review: Crux

About the Film:
ANIMA is a series of films that help us break through the noise of our everyday life in order to hear the voice of truth and love. Each film in the series guides us on an inward journey of self-reflection and wonder. The short movies feature Bishop Donald Hying as he incorporates the word of God, original music, and artistic cinematography.

crux / krəks, kro͝oks/ noun
the decisive or most important point at issue.

What experiences in your life can only be explained by the existence, the presence, and the intervention of God?

How does God becoming human in the person of Jesus change our understanding of being human, our understanding of God?

How can living in the present moment fill me with greater joy, peace, conviction and love?

This DVD not only encourages you to ponder thought-provoking questions during the short film, but also includes 3 key questions from Bishop Donald Hying for further reflection and discussion!

My Comments:
Crux is a well-done reflective movie featuring scenes in and around Milwaukee Wisconsin.  The narrator, who is Bishop Hying, encourages us to reflect on the fact that without God, our life is meaningless--what we have here is all there is, and once it is over, there is nothing more.  Bishop Hying also points out that without God, we have to be God in our lives, always right, always strong.  The main thing that struck me was when Bishop Hying said that most of the time if we are worried or regretful, it is because we are trying to live in the past or the future; most of the time the present is good, and we should appreciate that.  

This film is the first in a series.  They are all short; this one is about twelve minutes long and I think they would be good to use  with an adult or young adult prayer group.  The material (at least in Crux) is more reflective than instructional and is followed with the discussion questions listed above in italics.  

I'd like to thank Catholic Word for providing a complimentary review copy.  Grade:  B+

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