Thursday, April 02, 2015

From My Archives: February and March, 2006

It is interesting going back and reading this old stuff and seeing how much my family has changed over the years.  Back when I was in college, before the days of email, I used to write home weekly.  I asked my mom to save those letters for me and they are in a box in my garage.  Reading them sometimes brings back memories, and sometimes it doesn't.  I also used to keep a journal; some things made it into those that never made it into the letters to my mom.  I have those in a box in my garage too.  One day my kids will find them and see a picture of their mom before they knew her, back when she was a student at Mississippi University for Women.

Never looked like this when I was there

Photos by Dr. Bridget Pieschel

Anyway, looking at old posts on this blog brings back memories in much the same way that reading my college letters and journals does.  

What was I writing about back in 2006?  I went to Mass twice one weekwend and reflected on how different priests draw different lessons from the same readings.  I wrote about going to Confession.  I wish I could tell you that if I wrote a post like that today, it would be much different, and I guess it   would be because that priest has gone to his eternal home, and no one has fussed at me about infrequent confession since I quit going to him.  As we  approach the one year anniversary of my Dad's death, I've been thinking about him. In 2006 my Mom died.    I liked sharing links back then and I found a place that told how things were made.  Finally, the article I linked to isn't there anymore, but I wrote about reporting on AIDS.  

What were you writing about way back when?

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