Monday, May 03, 2021

It's Monday: What Are You Reading


Hello to my fellow book bloggers who have stopped by via It's Monday, What Are You Reading over at Book Date.  I'm late getting this up, but I was busy reading yesterday.  The Summer Seekers by Sarah Morgan was wonderful--review will be published this week or next.  

I spent Saturday afternoon in a mother-daughter bonding exercise with my teen--she's being confirmed this week and we needed a dress.  We hit every store in the mall before deciding to take the one she saw in the first store.  

My daughter is a Junior and last week was the Seniors' last week, so now they are the big girls on campus.  I got an email from the school today about ordering her senior hair bow (they wear them 2 or three times) and I've already ordered her sweater (the seniors wear different sweaters than the other girls) so I guess my last go-around as the mom of a senior is really happening.  

I had two book reviews this week:

I've been staying off NetGalley because I really don't need anymore books in the TBR stack.  However, this morning I grabbed

So how has your week been?  What was the best book you read this week? 


  1. I picked up the Thayne book as well. Love her books!

  2. It's so hard to resist NetGalley, isn't it? Enjoy your books.

  3. I love Sarah Morgan. I hope you enjoyed Summer Seekers. I am glad your daughter found a confirmation dress she liked. I hope your daughter has a great senior year next year. :-)

    Have a great week!

  4. Sounds like exciting times for your daughters! And for Mom, too :)

    Hope you've been enjoying your books this week (I'm a little late!)


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