Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Montana Destiny

Montana Destiny Anna Ballasi, the publicist from Hachette Books who sent me Montana Legacy asked bloggers to submit questions for an interview she was conducting.  You can hear the interview here.  She bribed us by offering us a stack of books if one of our questions was chosen.  I won--she ended up using two of my questions.  Therefore I got to read Montana Destiny before most folks.

Montana Destiny is the story of Wyatt McCord, cousin of Jesse, of Montana Legacy.  Wyatt was a world traveler and seeker before returning to the ranch after his grandfather died.  The female lead is Marilee Trainor, the local EMT and private pilot.  She is a military brat who was dragged all over the world and wants nothing more than to settle down somewhere.  She is also the child of a very critical man, and a mother who could not make any decisions on her own.  Merilee is determined to be independent.  She and Wyatt are attracted to each other....

There is also a bad guy, but in the end....

Yea, I liked the book.  It was a fun read, with a little more story than what many romances have.  There were a couple of bedroom scenes but they left a lot to the imagination.

Grade:  B+

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