Friday, July 30, 2010

Fortunate Harbor: My Review

Fortunate Harbor (Happiness Key)My youngest and I have been going to the library just about every Monday evening this summer for story and craft time. She really enjoys the crafts and the kids, and mostly listens to the stories too.  I'm much happier with the lady running it than I was with the one doing it when my big ones were small, but I do think she over-reaches on the crafts, given the age group she attracts.  But, to get back to why you are reading this, our library is large with a children's room that is bigger than many entire libraries in which I've been.  This is good because they have so much room to do stuff with the kids and bad because you aren't supposed to leave the little ones un-attended and you can't look at grown-up books in there.  However, the new acquisitions shelf is located where I can see the door to the kids room and the books, both, so I send her into the kids room and quickly peruse the new acquisitions for anything that looks good.  This week I found Fortunate Harbor (Happiness Key) by Emilie Richards.  I've read many of her books before and have enjoyed them, so I grabbed it.

Fortunate Harbor is about five women who live in a run-down Florida development.  Tracy is the owner.   She is the ex-wife of a wealthy businessman who was sent to prison for fraud.  All their wealth is gone, but somehow and for some reason, her ex put this property in her name and the Feds didn't get it.  She has been making a new life for herself here, a life that includes a new man, but at about the same time both their ex-spouses appear.  Why?

Janya is from India.  She and her husband are in an arranged marriage and have been happy.  They recently began to try for a baby, but have not succeeded.  Now her husband is keeping increasingly late hours and doesn't want to do what is necessary if a baby is desired.

Wanda is a waitress who is fired when the new owners of the neighborhood seafood place re-do it into a tapas bar and she doesn't meet the new image.  She decides to open a shop to sell the pies about which all her friends rave.

Alice is the grandmother of Olivia.  She is a neighbor but doesn't play a large part in this book.

Dana is a single mother who worked with Wanda.  Wanda tells her about the vacant cabin in the area and then hires her at the pie shop.  Dana is terrified of men or of letting anyone know about her past.  Why?

Supporting characters include Tracy's new love interest and ex-husband, an eccentric rich woman and a rival baker and together they make a cozy story of neighbors who look out for each other, and couples who love.  In a lot of ways it is like Debbie Macomber's Yarn Shop books or The Red Hat Club books or the Potluck Club books.  It is light enjoyable fluffy reading, just perfect for a day at the beach.
Grade:  B

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