Thursday, July 01, 2010

Library Time

What does someone with about 50 books in the garage waiting to be read do on a week when no review books have to be read?  Why go to the library of course--well my six year old wanted to go and its too far to send her by herself.  I grabbed a couple of romances by Lori Copeland.
Walker's Wedding (The Western Sky Series)Walker's Wedding (The Western Sky Series) , like A Kiss for Cade (The Western Sky Series) (here is my review) was originally written as a mass-market romance and then cleaned up and reworked for the Christian market.  It is the story of Sarah, the daughter of a rich man.  Sarah's dad will give her anything but what she wants most--a husband and family.  No one is good enough for her.  She runs away and while on a train meets a young woman whose parents have basically sold her as a mail-order bride.  That young woman is in love and wants to stay put.  The girls switch places and Sarah heads west where she meets ranch owner Walker McCay, who is marrying so he can have an heir.  She doesn't tell him who she really is; later the other girl shows up, he gets made, she runs back east--and yes its a romance so you know how it ends.

It is marketed as a Christian romance and the characters do pray a little, and they go to church on Sunday (but we aren't privy to the sermon) and they reflect a little on God's will and their failings, but I really wouldn't call this book very religious.  I kind of figured, even before checking, that this was a re-worked mass market book.  Still, as romances go, it was slightly better than average.

One True Love: Belles of Timber Creek, Book ThreeOne True Love: Belles of Timber Creek, Book Three was the other book I got.  It too did not read like the traditional Christian romance where one of them has to find God before they can live happily ever after.  However, the characters in general were more religious than in Walker's Wedding, and my search of Amazon did not turn up a mass-market version of this book.  Cooper hurt her foot and gets  put on a wagon train to meet  up with a specialist.  The train is headed by a guy with whom she has evidently had issues in the past.  Guess what happens?  This was a quick easy read, but I didn't find it to be one of Copeland's better works.

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