Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Furry Victims of the BP Oil Spill

We've all seen the picture of the pelicans soaked in oil.  We've seen the dead fish floating on the water.  We understand that the oil being spilled is a danger to the breeding and nesting grounds of all sorts of wildlife.  However, there are animal victims of the spill that haven't (at least as of this writing) made the national news.  As a result of the spill, a lot of people whose jobs are tied to the seafood industry are out of work, or are afraid they are going to be.  As a result of the President's moratorium on off-shore drilling, many oilfield workers and those in oilfield support jobs are either out of work, or will be soon.  Much as people love their pets, people come first and the shelters in the hardest hit areas are reporting many more pets being brought in than normal.  People may be losing their homes and going where pets are not allowed, or they may just not be able to afford to feed their pets.  In either case, the shelters have to deal with the abandoned pets.

Plaquemines Parish, the parish at the very end of the Mississippi River is one of the hardest hit.  They have a no-kill shelter that is not only taking good care of the animals there, it is trying to keep pets with their families by providing pet food and other necessities to those hurt by the spill.  You can learn more about PAWS here.

I'm sure any donation you can send would be appreciated--and I know of one donation you can send that won't cost you a thing.  Enter my contest for a Crazy Critter, and if you win, ask me to have it sent to PAWS.  Some lonely pet waiting for a new home will love trying to pull it apart.  Please enter the contest and spread the word--here is a way to help those who can't help themselves.

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