Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Mama Buzz Review: The Dragon and the Turtle Go On Safari

The Dragon and the Turtle Go on Safari

Donita Paul's The Dragon and the Turtle Go on Safari is a cute children's book about two best friends camping in a wild place all by themselves.  We hear the sounds they hear, and share the stories they tell each other about the ferocious creature with whom they share the night.  Of course, the wild spot where they are spending the night is a tent in the backyard, but they manage to overcome their fears and stay outside the whole night long.  

While the publisher, WaterbookPress, is a Christian imprint, the book has no mention of God, faith, religion etc.  

My six year old enjoyed the story and has asked for it a couple of times since she first got it.

This is a MamaBuzz review. The product was provided by WaterBrook Press for this review.

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