Thursday, February 10, 2011

Review: A Time to Heal

A Time to Heal - Quilts of Lancaster County Series #2

About the Book:
Christopher Marshall is a weary and wounded ex-soldier who just wants some peace in his life. He met Jenny  in the hospital and later corresponds with her. When he visits her and Matthew, he envies them their happiness. Then he meets Matthew's sister, Hannah Bontrager, and there's a clash of cultures and values between the former career military man and the gentle, pacifist Amish woman. 

My Comments:
If you can suspend enough disbelief, this is a sweet light read featuring many of the same characters as A Time  to Love.  If you an believe a guy who met a married woman one time for a few hours would show up on her doorstep, not having any real plans, if you can believe this Amish family would take in this ex-solider, who had no trouble adjusting to their way of life, if you aren't looking for anything too deep, then this book is ok.  It shows a lot of details of daily Amish life, including how much technology they use, and for what and everyone lives happily ever after.  Grade:  C+

My copy of this book, which will be published in March came via NetGalley.  I was not obligated to review it or give a positive review.

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