Wednesday, August 01, 2012


Well, I bit.  After reading about Birchbox on several blogs, I decided that it was only $10.00 and it might be fun.  Actually I did something like it way back in the day when I was in high school and I still remember a set of Mary Quant eye crayons that came in my "free" first box.  For the uninitiated, Birchbox is a beauty products sampling box service.  For $10.00 per month, subscribers are sent a box of sample products chosen for them based on responses to a survey completed when subscribing.

This month's box was sponsored by Glamour Magazine and featured the five senses.

Here is what I found inside.

These were in that green pouch.

My Review:
You'd think that with all the books I get in the mail, the arrival of boxes would be routine, not a treat; however if you thought that, you'd be wrong.  If money is tight, then a Birchbox is a silly way to spend it.  However, if you have some mad money, like to get packages in the mail and like to play with beauty products, subscribing to Birchbox gives you a fun surprise in the mail every month.

So what was in my box, and what did I think of it? Well, there were some bright blue and pick earbuds that my eight year old claimed.  There was some lip/cheek stain  which I like on my lips, but not my cheeks. There were Suki skincare products (all those envelopes) and I love it.  I've been having a real problem with rosacea and right now it looks better than it has in months.  Maybe it is coincidence, maybe not, but this stuff feels good on my skin and I'm going to order it--and I'm not one to usually buy fancy skin care systems.  There was an eyeliner liquid pen and I really like it too.  I can get a sharp line and I don't have to sharpen it.  There was a tasty nut bar and a perfume sample (gave it to my daughter, perfume gives me a headache).  

So, does writing this review get me anything?  I already told you I bought the box.  If I convince you to CLICK THIS LINK and subscribe, then I get points, and with those points, I can buy stuff from Birchbox--you see part of what they do is sell full sizes of the stuff they send for you to sample.  The more of you who subscribe, the more stuff I get to buy (and once you subscribe, you can ask your friends to join too).  

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  1. This is something I need to be sure Abigail doesn't find out about or she'll spend even more $$ on makeup. She has more beauty products upstairs than I've owned in a lifetime... and still she finds more she needs :)


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