Monday, August 06, 2012

It's Monday What Are You Reading

Hello fellow book bloggers.  I haven't participated in a couple of weeks because of our vacation.  We took a  cruise to Mexico which I wrote about here and here and which I reviewed here.  The nice thing about a cruise is that it gave me lots of time to read; the bad thing is that since I didn't bring a computer and since internet access was expensive; I didn't write any blog posts.  However, I've gotten quite a few done since then.

In the last week or so I've also written about Birchbox, a grooming products sampling service and about teen marriage.  

Join Sheila over at Book Journey to see what other book bloggers have been doing.


  1. Didn't you feel FREE when you didn't have internet connection?! Sometimes a total blackout would come in handy, as long as it's not 100 degrees ;)
    Someday I'll get around to reading a Love Inspired novel. Enjoy your week!
    Here's my Monday post

  2. Great list of books you reviewed. Sometimes an internet break is all we need to recharge. Happy Reading for the week ahead!
    Rebecca @ The Key to the Gate

  3. A cruise is no place for a computer, lol. Sounds like you had a great time!

  4. Nice list of books. I'm glad you enjoyed your cruise but no internet access would be hard for me. I get twitchy and anxious when I don't have access. My Monday Report is here. Happy reading!

  5. I loved The Good Father...hope you enjoy your reading week; I like the look of Lakeside Family.


  6. I have to read The Good Father, I keep hearing good things about it.

    A cruise sounds wonderful, but the no internet access would make me a bit shaky, lol.

    Happy reading!

  7. Sheryl Woods is always really great read. Fun, light, and always romantic!

    Happy reading this week!!!
    Check out what I'm reading and enter for a giveaway!


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