Monday, August 20, 2012

Last Chance Bride

About the Book
Dear Reader,

My boy Stone has always been the quiet one in the family, but now he's got the whole town talking. He and his long-time sweetheart Sharon are crazy about each other, but suddenly they can't see eye-to-eye on their future. Sharon thought they were going to go to college, then get married. But Stone had other plans--plans he didn't share with anyone.

So it looks like our resident matchmaker Miriam is going to be wrong for the first time ever. She swears Sharon and Stone are true soul mates. Well, I think between the broken promises and Sharon's meddling mother, these two kids are going to need a miracle to make it down the aisle. . .

There's Arlene-I just need to finish her trim and then I can head over to the Watermelon Festival. Be sure to stop back by the Cut 'n' Curl for hot rollers, free coffee-and the best gossip in town.

See you real soon,

Ruby Rhodes

My Comments:
The other Last Chance books tell us that Stone loved Sharon and has never gotten over  her.  We've heard they wed with her wearing her Watermelon Queen dress.  This short e-book is Stone and Sharon's story. It takes place over about a month the summer after they graduated from high school.  Like the other books in the series,it mentions church attendance and  prayer.  Also like the other books in the series it mentions in a relatively positive way, intimate activities most Christian faiths consider  immoral.  However,  this book has no intimate scenes.  I think  those who have enjoyed this series will enjoy Stone and Sharon's story, and everyone should realize this is not a full-length book.  Grade: B.

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