Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Short Review: The Sweet Magnolias Cookbook

About the Book:
Fill your home with the freshly baked scent of luscious apple pie, the sizzle of peachy grilled chicken or the beckoning aroma of juicy roast lamb, all brought to life in this charming collection of recipes.

New York Times bestselling author Sherryl Woods invites you into the world of Serenity, South Carolina, where good food and good friends await. Based on her beloved Sweet Magnolias series, this gorgeous cookbook is full of Southern classics and heartwarming stories of friendship and fun. Join Dana Sue Sullivan, a popular character and Southern cook herself, as she shares her favorite down-home recipes as well as secrets, stories and small-town gossip from the world of the Sweet Magnolias!

Whether you're making flaky, buttery, too-good-to-be-true biscuits, or spicy seafood gumbo, the 150 recipes found in these pages will bring your family and friends together to celebrate the comforts of home.

From legendary margarita nights to indulgent Sunday brunches to heartening holiday meals, every recipe in this book is sure to infuse your life and your kitchen with the warmth of the South and the comfort of good food.

My Comments:
Fans of Sherry Woods' Sweet Magnolias series know that much of the action takes place in places where food is served; whether in Sullivan's restaurant or around someone's table.  Using characters from the series as "owners" of the recipes, this book gives  you all sorts of goodies from breakfast to dessert (remember Erick is famous for his desserts).  Though there is a definite Southern and Low Country accent to the food, I think most people will be able to find something they like in this book.

As I only have a temporary galley I am not making any of the recipes and cannot tell you how well they work.  I will tell you that the book is attractive and contains some photographs, but it does not contain photos of all (or even most) of the recipes.


  1. I find myself more drawn to cookbooks where most of the recipes are photographed... I'm not sure why.

  2. It sounds like a good cookbook and I love the name of it, probably because magnolias are a favorite of mine. :)


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