Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Colbert and Dolan: Who Won?

Cardinal Timothy Dolan brought down the house on September 3rd. No, not at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, but on the “Colbert Report,” where the good Cardinal traded jabs with host Stephen Colbert, and discussed his bestselling e-book original, Praying in Rome. Praying in Rome is Cardinal Dolan’s personal reflection of his time in the Conclave that elected Pope Francis in early 2013. Full of his characteristic good humor, the book chronicles the myriad of emotions he felt upon the resignation of Pope Benedict and during the process of electing the next Vicar of Christ. During his conversation with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday night, Cardinal Dolan joked that only his mother and Colbert had read Praying in Rome. In truth, his bestselling e-book has garnered enormous praise for its honesty, insight and humor.

 Here are some videos of Colbert and Dolan for your entertainment and for your edification


  1. I say Dolan won :)

  2. Oh my goodness, I miss him. He used to be the archbishop of Milwaukee (my diocese). We loved him! Thanks for posting the videos.

  3. Aah, Cardinal Dolan. I loved watching his big, happy grin on the Colbert Report.

  4. "Ouija?" Colbert cracks me up


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