Thursday, September 12, 2013

Review: Glory Glory and Snowbound with the Bodyguard

About the Book:
For Glory Parsons, "home for the holidays" wasn't exactly the stuff of sing-a-longs and sleigh rides. In fact, she dreaded it. Dreaded having to face the things she'd lost—her brother, a casualty of war; and Jesse Bainbridge, a casualty of her own weakness. She'd never been able to tell Jesse the reason she'd left him abruptly ten years ago, after she'd promised to love him forever. And he certainly didn't seem open to talking about it now. 

Jesse had too much on his plate to get involved with Glory Parsons. He was the sheriff of Pearl Lake and responsible for his orphaned niece. So why couldn't he stay away from the woman? She drew him, just as she always had. But there would be no kisses under the mistletoe for them until he knew the truth. If he was strong enough to face it.

My Comments:
This is an older story repackaged for this holiday season.  There are details, mostly dealing with phones that make that clear.  Still, it isn't so old as to be out of date with modern times.  

This is one of those stories of two old lovers who are reunited years later.  We quickly learn that their baby was the reason she left town, but of course neither knew the whole story until they get back together.  Of course he is angry; of course she thought she was doing the best thing, and since it is a LLM novel, of course there is a steamy scene or two.  It is a Christmas romance, short, sweet, charming and heartwarming, even if it isn't completely realistic.  

This edition is also package with another oldie but goodie--Carla Cassidy's Snowbound with a Bodyguard:  
She'd been stranded by a snowstorm with nowhere to turn. But when all seemed lost, mom-on-the-run Janette Black saw the sign for Wild West Protective Services--and found Dalton West.

The loner of the West clan had no time for love and family. But protecting was in Dalton's blood--and he knew when a woman carried secrets. He would take Janette and her baby into his home to wait out the storm, and bar the door from any danger. And when Janette's demons tracked her down, Dalton would take on hell itself to keep her safe from harm.

My Comments:
This is even more unrealistic than Glory Glory but it too had the requisite happy ending.   In short, if you are looking for a quick Christmas read you could do worse than this volume; hopefully you could also do better.  Grade:  C+

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