Monday, January 06, 2014

Blog Tour: 99 Stories from the Bible

About the Book:
Following the narrative of the Bible, this collection of 99 stories starts with At the Beginning, and covers a wide variety of key events, including Samuel Listens, Esther, A Blind Man Sees, and Jesus Walks on the Lake, through to One Day Jesus Will Return. Each story is told over a double page spread with vibrant illustrations and some full page art.

My Comments:
I thought my nine year old might  enjoy this book but it was a little young for her her. Nevertheless it was beautifully illustrated and most of the stories are well-told.  As a Catholic reviewing  children's Bible story books I have several stories I look for/at.  This book has The Wedding at Cana,but while it mentions that Mary was there, no mention was made of her intercession.  Peter's profession of faith and being given the keys to the Kingdom isn't there.  The Last Supper is included but while the washing of the feet was described, as well as the conversation with Judas, and we are told that Jesus blessed the bread and wine and shared them with His friends, no mention is made of "This is my Body..."  While it mentions that Jesus' family and friends watched the crucifixion, no mention is made of John and Mary being given to each other.

I'll admit that another thing I look for in children's Bible stories is a lack of gore.  I know the crucifixion was awful; I just don't want to deal with nightmares.  In this book the crowd is looking into the distance at the crosses.  No blood is visible, and crowing with thorns and the scourging at the pillar aren't mentioned.

As the book basically just retells the stories, and doesn't add any commentary about what they are supposed to mean, I don't think a Catholic parent would find anything objectionable in it, the only problem is what isn't here.

I'd like to thank the publisher for providing a complimentary review copy.  Grade:  B.

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