Thursday, January 02, 2014

Booking Through Thursday

Booking Through Thursday is a meme that asks a bookish question each week, which participants answer either in the comments section or on their own blogs.  You can see the links to other posts here.

This week's question is one I had planned to blog about anyway:  “What were your favorite books last year?”

I spent much of New Year's Day looking over my blog postings for the last year and found these books I graded as "A". (The book titles are Amazon links; feel free to purchase and give me a couple of nickles)

While that is the extent of my "A" books for the year, I'd like to call your attention to a few  "B" books.  I'm Catholic and I like to support authors who write faith-based Catholic fiction.  Unfortunately, most authors of faith-based fiction are writing from the Evangelical Protestant perspective whereas I'd like to read about people with my faith experiences, at least some of the time.  Since most Catholic publishing companies will not publish fiction, Catholic fiction can be hard to find, and when it is published, it is often published by small companies or self-published by the authors.  Much of what I've read has been far too dogmatic and/or preachy to recommend to any but the most die-hard Catholics.  These books are exceptions to that rule.  While they are certainly written from a Catholic perspective and deal with matter of faith, they are not preachy or too good to be true.  I think most readers of Christian fiction would enjoy them.

Inside These Walls(while this isn't published as faith-based fiction, I found Catholicism to be important in the book)

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  1. Great list...I enjoyed Orphan Train, but read it last year, so it's not on this year's list for me. I am curious about Just Like Other Daughters. Thanks for visiting my blog.


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