Monday, August 04, 2014

The Cottage on the Corner: My Review

About the Book:
Charlotte Garrison's second chance is falling into place just like she's carefully planned. A few more sales of her heavenly sweets and she'll be able to turn the empty shop on Main Street into her own bakery--a plan much more sensible than ever again risking her heart. But when a rambunctious three-year-old girl lands on town deputy Max Stanford's doorstep, Charlotte finds helping the good-looking deputy care for her is sparking the most impossible dreams . . .

Max has never been much for settling down. But while he finds out if little Zuzu is really his daughter, Charlotte's warmth and caring makes him want to prove he's worthy of her trust. And as they struggle to come to terms with their pasts, Max will do whatever it takes to show Charlotte home is where dreams come true--and he and Zuzu are all the love and home she'll ever need.

My Comments:
Those looking for a sweet clean romance with just enough sizzle to keep things interesting should enjoy this book.  The second in Shirlee McCoy's Apple Valley series, The Cottage on the Corner features Max, who ended up with his grandmother when his parents were too irresponsible to care for him, and Charlotte, the widowed second wife of a bigamist.  The real star of the show is Zuzu, a child Max's ex dropped on his doorstep and claimed was his.  The book also contains a mild who-dunnit, but it isn't a major part of the plot.

The book is part of a series and those who played big parts in the first book, The House on Main Street (click for my review) get cameo appearance in this one and sometimes readers are left wondering who these people are and why they are paraded across the stage.  The book also left me with a feeling that I missed some backstory somewhere about both Max and Charlotte--even when they revealed their stories to each other.  Still, they got their happy ending and that's what books like this are all about, right?

I'd like to thank the publisher for making a review copy available via NetGalley.  Grade;  B

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