Tuesday, November 10, 2015

From My Archives: July 2006

It is interesting how my blog has changed over the years.  One big difference is the number of photos or other graphics used.  Back when I was on dial-up, uploading photos was so time-consuming that I rarely did it.  Now, I rarely create posts without photos.

In July, 2006, I wrote about a family trip to Gatlinbug and I included no pictures.  A couple of weeks later I put up photos--I'm guessing I took the camera to work and uploaded them on my lunch hour.

Back in those days I often shared interesting links I found--and the one in this article still works.  This one about Catholicism pointed to an out-of-date link, but I updated it.

I did a series for a while spotlighting blogs I read regularly.  That I had posts spotlighting Nunblog (which I peruse now and then but no longer read regularly), My Domestic Church, which I still read and The Maternal Optimist who is no longer blogging.

I took at crack at mommy blogging.

I described part of the Katrina recovery in Long Beach Mississippi, where my parents lived.

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