Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Review: Gifts from Our Father--A Catholic Prayer Book for Kids

About the Book:
How well do your loved ones know their Catholic Faith? Share your faith with the future of our Catholic Church with Gifts From Our Father - A Catholic Prayer Book for Kids. This hardcover book teaches Catholic prayers and traditions in a fun, simple, and easy to understand way without watering down our faith. Illustrated for kids yet written for adults, this is the perfect resource for Catholics of all ages who want to strengthen their knowledge and love for Christ and His Church.

My Comments:
If you are looking for basic textbook on Catholic beliefs, traditions and prayers that can be shared by the whole family, you may have found it here.  Gifts from Our Father begins with prayer, and after describing prayers of gratitude, petition, forgiveness and adoration, the Nicine Creed is presented..  This is followed by the spiritual and corporal works of mercy.  More prayers are presented including a prayer for the Holy Father, Acts of Faith, Hope and Love and the Act of Contrition (a heartily sorry version).  Holy Days of Obligation are discussed and then the liturgical year, including prayers for each season.  The Seven Sacraments are listed and described and, as appropriate, the Mass gets several pages.  Eucharistic Adoration is described and the Amina Christi and The Divine Praises are printed.  The Rosary, its prayers, mysteries and promises take up five pages.  The Memorare, the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes come next. The section on the Communion of Saints describes the canonization process, talks about living a holy life and then describes several saints and gives prayers of others.  

The book is printed on high-quality glossy paper and the illustrations are eye-catching and charming.  While the prayers in the book  use "you" and "your" rather than "thee" "thou" (except in the Rosary prayers) they are the adult versions of the prayes, not re-worked children's versions.  A family that wants a handbook of basic things that should be taught to Catholic children will find just what they need in this book. 

Scripture quotes are from the NRSV.  The book has an Imprimatur and a Nihil Obstat.   Grade:  A. 
I'd like to thank Catholic Word for sending me a review copy of the book.  Catholic Word describes itself as " a one-stop resource for leading programs and religious titles from over 35 top Catholic publishers. For over 15 years, Catholic Word has built a reputation based on quality, personal relationships and a devotion to excellence in service."  The mission they espouse is "to build up the Church one soul at a time through top quality Catholic materials and resources. Wherever a person is on their faith journey, we offer real help to taking the next step closer to God. Our motto is to do the right thing, in the right way, for the right reason."  They claim to be "100% faithful to the teachings of the Magisterium".  

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