Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Snagshout: My Review

Honestly, is a sale at your favorite store an opportunity to save money or is it an excuse to spend money?  Some people are less fussy about what they get if they save money on it; others only purchase at a discount what they would have purchased anyway, or use the discount to purchase things they wanted but couldn't afford at full price.

If deep discounts get you to buy, whether you need an item or not, stay away from Snagshout. On the other hand, if you can use deep discounts to purchase things you would have purchased anyway, Snagshout has some real bargains.  

Bebella Luxury Wild Collection: Professional 1.25" Pure Onyx Ceramic Plates Hair Straightener Flat Iron (Classic Zebra)

My youngest wanted a flat iron.  Snagshout offered this Bebella Luxury Wild Collection: Professional 1.25" Pure Onyx Ceramic Plates Hair Straightener Flat Iron (Classic Zebra) for $11.49.  It sells for $22.99 on Amazon.  The catch?  I have to review any products I get from Snagshout on Amazon.  I've never used another flat iron so I don't have anything to compare it to, but it did straighten my daughter's hair.  

Best Anti Snoring Device - Advanced Sleep Apnea Relief - Most Comfortable Stop Snoring Solution - 4 Premium Nasal Dilators - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - Aid for High Sleeping Quality

Unfortunately, I wasn't so lucky with the first product I reviewed.  While my husband said Dr. Sleepwell Snore Stoppers were not uncomfortable to wear, they didn't quiet his snoring.  These sell for $13.89 and I got them for $,97.  Because I am a Prime member, shipping is free.  

While I haven't seen a lot of products on Snagshout that I can't live without, I do have my eye on a few things.  The more reviews you write, the more items you are allowed to "snag" at one time.  Right now I have to write my review before I get another product.  I can work my way up to having five products out at a time. 

For those who like to (or at least don't mind) writing reviews, Snagshout could be a money-saver; for those who buy things they wouldn't already buy, this could turn out to be a money suck.  Grade:  A

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