Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Review: The Falcon and the Sparrow

This historical/romantic Christian novel is set during the time of Napoleon. A young woman, who is the orphaned daughter of an English admiral and a French woman enters the home of an English admiral (who happenes to be a widower) as a governess for his young son--except that she is also there as a spy for the French, who have threatened to kill her beloved brother if she doesn't get them the information they desire. Of course, while she is in the admirals home, she falls in love with him. I'll leave you to guess the end, but there are a couple of unexpected elements.

The heroine is a devout Christian and part of the book focuses on her inner conflict between her Christian values and what is necessary to spy--and how God's will enters into all of it. It points out that God can use us in a lot of situations in which we would not choose to be. If you like this type of book, I'd say it is pretty typical, not extraordinarily good, or bad.

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