Monday, July 28, 2008

My Sushi Review

Sushi for One is the story of a thirtyish Asian-American woman whose grandmother has decided needs to marry sooner rather than later. The woman, who was once sexually assaulted, is an avid volleyball player and a volunteer coach of a volleyball team for underprivilged girls, a team whose expenses are underwritten by her grandmother. Her grandmother threatens to pull funding unless she finds a serious boyfriend--and then makes sure that no one else in the community will fund it either. I didn't like Grandma. The book involves the heroine's search for a husband and her search for funding for the team.

On the religion front, since it seems I've decided my niche in the First Wildcard group is to review this Protestant literature from a Catholic perspective, I found it interesting that the catalyst for one character's religious conversion is a large picture of the crucifixion which was found in the pastor's office. Looking at that graphic picture and seeing the pain of Christ turned this unbeliever into a believer--and the Protestants wonder why we Catholics fill our churches with statues and other images.


  1. Thanks for reading the book and posting about it!

  2. I'm glad you put your link on Wild Card.

    I'll try to get more Catholic stuff up on Wild Card too. I do have one called, Pope John Paul II: an Intimate Life coming for tour on September 19th that you might enjoy.

    So glad you've joined the FIRST family!


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