Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dance Me Daddy: My Review

The nice folks at Phenix & Phenix sent me Dance Me Daddy, a charming book that would make a great gift for the father of a little girl. Based on the song "King of the World", Dance With Me Daddy is a picture book that follows a little girl and her dad from the time she is in pig-tails and dress-up clothes and he, with a full head of brown hair, is in blue jeans and a tee-shirt to the day when her daughter is dancing with her husband as she and her gray-haired dad, whose forehead has grown, watch.

For those who care about such things, Mom is a blonde and Dad and the daughter are dark-haired, with darker skin. The daughter's husband might be Asian, but is not definitely so. The people at the wedding are of different ethnic backgrounds.

The book, which includes a bonus CD, is classified as a children's book and is classified, as I think most, if not all books published by Zonderkidz are, as "religious/Christian", but there was no reference to Jesus in the book and the only reference to God was on a page when he was watching her sleep. It said "Sometimes when she's sleeping, he kneels by her bed to pray that her Father in heaven is watching over her every moment of every day."

You'll note that I began this review by recommending this book at a gift for Dad, even though it is classified as a children's book. I have a five year old assistant who helps me review children's books. I'm afraid it just didn't hold her interest. Maybe a child a couple of years older who had a better concept of growing up would enjoy the book more.

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  1. This book sounds like a great Father's Day gift! I love the title! Thanks for the review.



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