Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Review; She's Out There

If you are a liberal feminist, you'll probably love this book. It is a collection of 35 essays by young women who want to grow up to be President of the US. They are an idealistic bunch and all want end war, poverty and discrimination. However, the causes they espouse are generally those of liberal Democrats (or worse). One of the young women wants to abolish marriage; another feels it her duty to point out when people are being "heteronormative". There was plenty of Bush knocking. While several of the young women had problems with the death penalty (which BTW I oppose), I didn't see any who had a problem with killing unborn babies.

The book itself is attractive, printed on glossy paper with a photo of each young woman. The writing complexity and style is about what you would expect given the age of the writers (from five to twenties). Each section also has a graphic titled "Did You Know" which lists some facts about our government. There are also short notes throughout the book from women lawmakers. At the end of the book are lists, including the 35 current female leaders the authors consider most likely to run for President, women who have already run for President, and women who have been nominated by their parties for President and VP. There is also a list of leadership groups and NGOs.

Thanks to the authors for the chance to review this book. You can read about some of the 35 young women on their website.

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  1. Hi, thanks for reviewing my book. I appreciate your time, effort and point of view. I rarely comment on my own products' reviews but I just want you to know that I come from a Christian background. My parents are Republicans (as are my sister and brother and their families). I am a centrist who dips her toe left (although I did vote for Reagan). My father is a Navy man. My mother a nurse.

    I would just like to add to your review that there are a handful of conservative women in the book. While we wanted more, we found that we didn't have as many submissions from more conservative backgrounds. We certainly wanted all voices represented -- young women who are gay too.

    The bottom line is that as 51% of the US population, I'm all for both progressive and conservative women serving in public office. It is important to get as many women to the table and then, and only then, can we have the same luxury as men have had to discuss and finding lasting solutions to our differences.

    My have great respect for my sister (who is Catholic) and my mother and while we may disagree on certain issues that the media uses extensively to divide us, one thing is for sure -- we are all women who want the best for our children, husbands, communities, cities, states and country. God bless! Again, thanks for giving our book space!


    Amy Sewell


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