Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival

Welcome to Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival. This is a chance for Catholic bloggers to share your best posts and promote your blog. To participate, create a post on your blog titled Sunday Snippets. In it, describe and link to any post or posts you wish to highlight. Tell us something that will make us want to click through and read your post(s) and maybe become regular readers of your blog. Also, link your post to this one. Finally, once your post is up, and you have the URL, come back here and sign Mr. Linky so we can find your post.

I have been asked whether people who post infrequently can just link a post directly to Mr. Linky, rather than creating a Sunday Snippets post. Of course you can, but since one purpose of Sunday Snippets is for us to direct our readers to other blogs, I ask that you mention and link to Sunday Snippets in your post.

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This week I've been reading about Evangelical Protestantism via a book called A Lover's Quarrel with the Evangelical Church. I posted first about what I saw as the strengths of evangelical churches as I saw them. Next, I reviewed the book and pointed out what the author saw as their weaknesses. I also read a Christian romance novel about a Catholic family, and reviewed it. My final read this week was It Happened In Italy, about how the Italians treated the Jews during WWII, and how that helped so many survive.

1. Colleen
2. Luuk Dominiek OP
3. Karin@Daughter of the King
4. Sarah Reinhard
5. womanatwell
7. Christi at mybakersdoz formerly mum2twelve
8. Elena@My Domestic Church
9. heartfeltheartlook
10. the3theresas
11. Renee at SAGA
12. Jude Manickam
13. Evann @ Homeschool Goodies
14. Nod

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  1. Thanks for hosting Sunday Snippets. I enjoyed reading your reviews. God bless.

  2. Thanks again for hosting the Sunday Snippets RAnn!

  3. Your reviews are wonderful. I appreciate your honesty in them!
    Thanks for hosting.
    Happy Sunday!

  4. Hi RAnn, Thanks for hosting. I have a post about Intelligent Design Theory today. It is a subject I'd like people to know more about. It might look complicated, but I think most people can learn the main point that biological life is so complex that it must have been designed. I am happy to answer questions and/or receive feedback!

  5. After intending to do this for the past two or three weekends I have finally sat down and actually done it! Looking forward to checking out the other blogs.

    God Bless to you all!
    Christi aka mum2twelve now a bakers dozen!

  6. Whoops I think I messed up and put the link to the post above when it should have been below. I will add it below and beg the owner of the This That and the Other Thing to forgive me and if possible help me fix the above link which I now suspect was suppose to be to my blog in general - not to the post.... Too many brain cells burnt up in past pregnancies I guess! SIGH!!

  7. Thank you~I'm not sure what it's all about, but saw it on Colleen's blog. Colleen is a true inspiration so I'm sure this is a good place to be! God bless everyone.

  8. Thanks for hosting this Carnival. Wonder if some creative person can find a nice graphic for it?

  9. Thanks, RAnn! Glad to see more folks joining in.

  10. This week's Sunday Snippets at WBN asks:

    Should the government get to dictate your health care if you're a heretic or a loon?


    Why is Hillary Clinton suddenly turned cheerleader for people of conscience?

    Thanks RAnn for hosting!


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