Monday, November 02, 2009

My Blog Peeves

In the last few months I've started reading a LOT more blogs--that's what happens when you learn how Google reader works and start surfing all the wonderful blogs out there. Obviously, not every blog is going to appeal to me--some will cover genres or topic that really aren't my thing, while others will just plain be poorly written. On the other hand, there are some blogs that look interesting, which I'd like to read, but which I end up skipping. Why? These are my pet blog peeves:

  1. Jump posts. If you write a really long post periodically, I don't have a problem with it being a jump post (one of those where you have to "click here" to continue reading), but I don't want to have to click through to read every post.

  2. Partial feeds, linked to jump posts. This is the quickest way to get booted from my to be read list. I understand that if you have ads on your blog you want me there, rather than in my reader, and so I'll tolerate partial feeds, but if I click through to your blog and find a jump post, I'm going to jump up and close the window.

  3. Noisy blinking bling that makes your site slow to load.

  4. Too much canned content. I know a lot of tour groups make you publish their stuff if you get books from them, but PLEASE add an original thought or two. I'd really like to know if you liked the book.

So what are your pet peeves about other people's blogs?


  1. I really dislike blogs that the page take a long time to load. I realized earlier this week though that my blog was taking a long time to load. I went through and removed a heap of widgets and changed from a three column to a two column and that has speed up the page load.

    Your three column template seems to load really fast compared to many others that I read. Maybe it is more to do with the widgets rather than the amount of columns. Most three column templates would have many more widgets I suspect.

  2. I hate busy, blinking blogs, with all sorts of wild colors. Some colors are very hard on the eyes to read.
    I totally hate ones with music or sound effects, especially if I can not figure out quickly how to stop the noise. One way that always works is to leave the blog. ;-)

    I also hate ones that make you jump through too many hoops to post. More than 2 steps and I am out of there usually.

  3. mine is music! I don't mind that you have the music player, I just wish it wasn't on autoplay!

  4. Music. An incredibly fast way to get me to leave.

  5. I recently added the Google search widget to my blog and promptly removed it when I found it slowed the loading to a craw.

  6. I agree with everything you said, plus the commenters saying music. I truly despise music that is on autoplay.

    I have some stuff on my blog that I like but I do worry about the load speed. I have falling leaves and a 3d tag application that I might take down. I've taken down some amazon widgets as well recently.

  7. Music is my number one peeve.
    I will not click though those click on blogs. Gone.
    What I do like is the "index". Your side bar is great. I often read a review and forget the book until I am on the way to the library. I pop up your site there and find the book easily on the index!

  8. I agree with the other posters. Those things bother me about the blogs too.

    I love reading blogs and have several on my Google list that I try to keep up with. Blog reading is a form of relaxation for me, especially late at night.

    I also love the book giveaway contests. However, I like the blogs with simple giveaway rules, like yours have! My pet peeve is the ones that have giveaways that take you several minutes to enter each giveaway because of several rules and many extra links to have to follow. I love your system for giveaways - simple and easy to enter!

  9. If someone has a partial feed, I usually unsubscribe. And I won't click through to "read the rest here".

    Autoplay music drives me nuts. Most of the time it's something I don't like anyway.

    Giveaways with lots of hoops to jump through. I also don't like jumping through multiple hoops to leave a comment.

    I'm mixed on widgets and accessories, especially if they're relevant. Slow loading blogs are frustrating, but mine sometimes is slow and I think it could be the background I use. I'm still working on that and eliminating widgets on my own.

    Love blogs with labels to find categories or authors, etc. I do that too.


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