Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Easter--yes, as most of you know, it is still Easter.  He is Risen.  

I'm getting back into the reading and blogging groove.  I reviewed a book giving St. Augustine's answers to questions about prayer.    I also reviewed one about St. Patrick.  While not a Catholic book, I am hosting a giveaway of a book about Autism. 

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  1. RaAnn, I got my thermometer the other day and forgot to thank you for it. Thank you! I hope I will not be using it anytime soon (who wants a fever, raise your hand!), but I am glad it's there if I need it.

  2. Thanks for hosting! Happy Easter!!

  3. Happy Easter and Divine Mercy Sunday! Hope everyone will find my posts helpful and enjoyable.

  4. Normally, I don't participate much in "social blogging"... (you understand, my "job" as a writer takes up most of my time--social networking becomes burdensome in these circumstances.)

    Yet I understand the need to promulgate "the faith" (the raison d'etre of my work)... and connecting with others also interested, vital to that writing...

    My writing is bound up in my life of prayer...

    Divine Mercy Vigil brought expressions of God's LOVE on this day I have inaugerated a new book--in conjunction with a Catholic publisher and an educational institute of psychological studies...

    Another book was released recently--that hasn't gotten much press yet (I haven't even received any copies to date)... but it is what I call "catechetical poetry"--with the blessings of the Archbishop.
    In it I answer questions of inquirers to the faith--as well as their sponsors. The Archbishop said it would be useful for even those practicing the faith for their whole lifetime.

    Please pray for the acceptance of these books by the public--all royalty rights have been given to the Church, so be-sieged right now.

  5. Let's all bask in God's mercy today.

  6. Thanks, RAnn! Happy Easter!

    This week on Sunday Snippets, WBN presents: Sing, Drink, and Be Catholic.

    * Quasimodo Sunday
    * Creative Fidelity
    * Beer and anti-Catholics
    * Divine Mercy Chaplet


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