Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Blog Tour: Still the One

Still the OneStill the One is a wonderful modern romance novel about a widow and the guy who got away.  Set in the imaginary south Louisiana town of Chartreuse, it tells the story of Katie, a 35  year old hairdresser whose husband was killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan.  She has been mourning him for years and resisting attempts by friends to fix her up.  Then one day in walks Zack, a guy she had dated one summer when she was seventeen--and who is with him but the daughter she gave up for adoption nine months after Zack disappeared.  As we live the next few months with Zach, Katie and Gracie we see them move from sorrow to love.  All three need to let go of something in the past in order to be free in the future.

As a New Orleans resident, I enjoyed the references to South Louisiana, and for the most part Robin Wells got it right.  Rich folks buy furniture from Herwitz-Mintz, and everyone likes shrimp po-boys.  However, I've never seen po-boys spelled like she did--"po'boys".  It is either "poorboys" or "po-boys".  In either case, the term refers to a sandwich on French bread.

I loved this book.  It's a basic romance novel; I have to admit I never really questioned the outcome, but watching the journey was fun.  There are sex scenes, but they aren't the most graphic ones I've ever read.  They do happen outside of wedlock.

You can read an excerpt of Still the One here.

The author is Robin Wells.  Her website is

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  1. This is my online book group read this month. I think it will be a nice change from some of the heavier stuff I have been reading. Great review!


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