Thursday, May 20, 2010

Book Review: Two Brides Too Many

Two Brides Too Many: A NovelIf you like sweet, religious historical Christian romantic fiction, you'll love Two Brides Too Many: A Novel.  Kat and Nell Sinclair, born and raised in Portland Maine are sent to Colorado in search of husbands when their father is unexpectedly transferred to Paris.  After placings ads in a newspaper, both receive proposals and trainfare west.  Plans change and they arrive earlier than expected, and though they had sent telegrams about their change in plans, no one is at the station to meet them.  Kat finds out shortly that her fiancé is not what she expected; and Nell's is missing in action.  A fire strikes the town; they meet the new town doctor, and eventually Nell's intended shows up.  Guess how it ends?

Generally speaking this book was exactly what I expected when I picked it up--a quick, easy feel-good read. The story was interesting, but I kept having to check to see which sister was which, and never really felt I "knew" any of the characters.  While definitely a book aimed at a certain audience, it should please that audience.

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