Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I'm a Guest Blogger!

You may have noticed that I've reviewed a few products via MamaBuzz, a blogger group organized by Mel.  Her blog is a combination of product reviews and features of interest to moms.  She sent out a request a while ago for guest bloggers, and I did a post for her on Natural Family Planning.  It will run tomorrow on her blog so stop by there and read it.

If you a visiting here from MamaBzz, welcome; I'm glad to see you.  If you have any questions about NFP, feel free to ask--while I'm not an expert, I do how to connect you with someone who is.  If you are a Catholic blogger, I invite you to join my Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival meme held every weekend.  I"m mainly a book blogger and I'll bet if you check my reviews, you can find something worth reading.

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