Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Question for Book Bloggers

What do you do with a review book you don't like?  Do you have a certain number of pages you give a book, and then give up?  Do you slog through to the end, regardless of whether you are enjoying it or not?


  1. I slog through, because I believe in giving the book and the author the benefit of the doubt. Also, I just don't think that DNF (did not finish) books should be reviewed if you don't know the full content. :/

  2. I feel obligated to finish unless it's just miserable and I've only had that happen once or twice.

  3. It depends on the requirements of the "person/company" that sent me the book. Some require you read the entire thing for your review. But for most, I give it about 100 pages (in an average 250-400 page book) and then stop and I'm honest in my review why I could not press on.

    Seriously too many books too little time.

    - Margaret

  4. I usually feel obligated to slog through. I feel if I've signed up for something I should finish the book. If its for an author, usually I will write an honest review, send it on to them and ask them if they want me to post or not.


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