Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Katy's Debate: My Review

Katy's Debate (Katy Lambright Series, The)When I love the first book in a series, deciding to read the others is easy; when I'm so-so about book one, there is a debate in my mind about whether I should continue to get to know characters I've met and liked (at least a little) or whether I should just skip book two.  In this case, since I've enjoyed other books by Kim Vogel Sawyer I gave it a shot.  It wasn't a bad book, but I found the plot predictable and the characters as shallow as I noted them to be in book 1:  Katy's New World (my review).

Katy is an Old-Order Mennonite girl attending a public high school.  While Katy's New World pointed out the differences between her lifestyle and that of the average American teen, the stress in this book was on her relationship with the woman her father was courting, with a subplot about a boy in the community who aggravated her a lot and a boy at school who didn't. The title refers not only to those relationships but to the fact that Katy is on the debate team at school and helps her team win a trophy.   The plot line about her father developed and ended predictably; the one about the boys was left open for book three, which I doubt I'll read.

First Wildcard will tour this book in August; check back then to read the first chapter.

Grade:  C


  1. I've been surprised by the number of "adults" reading and reviewing the Katy stories since they really weren't written for an adult audience. However, thank you for giving them a look even if they didn't turn out to be "your cup of tea." :o)

  2. Hi Kim, and thanks for stopping by. I have teenagers if that makes any difference.

  3. Pardon me if I intimated I didn't think you should have read the books!!! I just didn't expect "grown ups" to read them, that's all. No offense intended!


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