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Pumpin Comfort: A Review and Giveaway

I'm a working mom who nursed two babies past a year and one past two years. I'm a great fan of breastfeeding and encourage any mom to at least try it. It is good for your baby and good for you. That being said, as someone who has spent many a lunch hour hooked up to "my twins", I realize that it isn't always easy for a working mom to pump regularly. While breaks for pumping and a place to pump are between you and your employer, for those who, like me, are able to pump in their private offices, some type of gizmo that allows more freedom to use your hands than the typical breast pump gives would be very handy.

When I first saw the Pumpin Comfort kit offered for review on MamaBuzz, I just passed it over as being five years too late. However, when a second call went out for reviewers, I emailed a co-worker who I knew had been pumping and asked her if she was still doing so, and if she'd be interested in reviewing the Pumpin Comfort kit. She said yes.

Isn't her baby beautiful, just like her mama?

About Pumpin Comfort:
The Pumpin’ Pal Pumpin’ Comfort Breast Pumping Necessity Kit (aka “Pumpin’ Comfort Kit”) was recently awarded the 2010 NAPPA (National Parenting Publications) Award. It contains everything a mom needs to pump comfortably, including all three sizes of our Super Shields (angled flanges that allow a mom to sit back while pumping – the tapered design is easier on the breast tissue and creates a more comfortable pump session); our simple-to-use Hands-Free Strap; a mesh Air-Dry Accessory Bag to keep all your freshly-washed pump parts together; and a Pumping Guide for moms who are new to pumping.

A How-to Video

Review Interview:

Q: How many babies have you pumped for?

Q:  What kind of pump do you use? 
A:  Playtex Petite Double Electric 

Q:  Have you been able to supply all your baby's milk need, or have you had to supplement?
A:  I have been able to supply all of her milk needs 

Q:   How long did you pump with each baby?
A:   12 months 

Q:  Was it easy to figure out how to use pumpin comfort?
A:  Yes, very easy to understand. 

Q:  Did it work with your pump?
A:  Yes, but not very well, but the pump itself is not of a very good quality. 

Q:   Did the hand-free device work--were you able to let go of the bottles and use your hands? 
A:   Yes, the hands-free device did work. I was able to let go of the bottles and read a book. 

Q:  Did you get as much milk as when using the pump by itself?
A:  Yes, I did not see a difference in the amount of milk I was able to pump. 

Q:  This kit retails for $29.95 Would you buy it as a gift for someone on whom you plan to spend about that much? 
A:  Yes, I most likely would if I knew that person nursed her babies and if she has to multi-task. It's very convenient for a busy mother. 

Q:  If you had another baby, would you use this? 
A:  Yes, I am pretty sure I would.


 The folks at Pumpin' Comfort are allowing me to give away one kit to a lucky reader.  It would make a great baby shower gift if you don't plan to need it yourself in the near future.  To enter:

1.  Leave a comment with your name and email address.  Watch the video here:  Give one advantage of the Pumpin Comfort flanges.

2.  Spread the word about this giveaway.  Blog, facebook, Twitter, whatever, if you leave me a link, I give you another entry.

3.  Go to the blog of the President of Pumpin Pal International and leave a comment on one of her posts.  Come back here and leave  a comment saying which post you commented on.

Winner will be drawn August 1


  1. Oh, my gosh! What a great idea!!! I LOVE this, and could so use one! One advantage to the angles flanges would be a better fit - my pump doesn't come with "Extra Large" flanges. I would think it would be much more comfortable!


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  4. I learned that it can help with back problems, and help prevent infections. provides a massaging action giving greater comfort.
    this would be a gift for my best friend. she is currently nursing baby 2 and is planning on having another.

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