Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dismissed with Prejudice

Dismissed with Prejudice

About the Book:  Dismissed with Prejudice is a legal drama that deals with the dark side of a powerful university, major college sports and state government. At the urging of a wealthy businessman and booster with mafia ties, an assistant coach is fired under false pretenses. Landon Duhon, a smalltown lawyer, reads about it in the paper and becomes suspicious. It's the third assistant in the last seven years fired by the same multi-million-dollar head coach, a political schmoozer and philanderer. Duhon sends his colleague to investigate and slowly uncovers layer upon layer of fraud, corruption and backroom deals. The assistant's career is over regardless of the outcome, but he decides to sue for wrongful termination, setting in motion a legal battle that escalates into threats, violence and murder. The novel is a classic "little guy against the system" story with insight into the bureaucracy, legal environment, and corrupting influence of money in the university and political arena.

My Comments: This legal thriller, set at LSU, has a good basic storyline -- big money big time college basketball coach sets up assistant to take the fall for a recruiting violation, and assistant does not go quietly into that good night, but rather fights and finds out exactly how crooked things are in Tigertown.  The writing however leaves something to be desired--I suspect a good editor could have helped this self-published novel. Still if you are a sports fan who likes legal thrillers, you may enjoy this one, especially if you like those that feature south Louisiana.

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