Friday, October 01, 2010

Never Too Late by Robyn Carr

Never Too Late (MIRA)Never Too Late (MIRA) is a sweet romantic novel about three sisters who live in Colorado.  The book is mainly about Clare.  She and her  husband are separated because of his repeated infidelity.  She drops by to drop off a birthday card and catches him in bed with yet another woman.  She drives away like a bat out of ---- and is pulled over by this gorgeous cop.  When she explains what happened, he lets her go with a warning.  Seconds later she is broadsided in an intersection.  Since the cop was right there, he knew the accident happened, and knew her name etc.  Is he going to be the new Mr. Right, or will her husband get his act together?  What about the guy she knew when she was in high school?  As Clare sets about getting control of her life, suddenly she has more men than she knew what to do with.  

Her sister Sarah was a wild child, but following her mother's death became a frumpy homebody.  Now she sets her cap for someone.  Will she get him? Maggie has been married for years, but things aren't quite the same.  Will the spark return?

This is mass-market romantic fiction with several vivid sex scenes (though I found it interesting that when  the married couple started, we didn't get a blow-by-blow, unlike the scenes with the unmarried couples).  There is nothing earth-moving or unique about this book but it is a happy feel-good read and I'm glad I found it at the library.

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